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how to choose energy saving light

buy energy saving lights attention :
1.view production date,Label, save electricity marks, specifications. diameter,because coarse tube £§s luminous efficiency is high.
3.Color temperature:
warm white:2700k-3000k and daylight white:4000k-4500k.
4.lampholder:E-27(large caliber) and E-14(small caliber).
5.lamp shape:double-u shape,half-spiral,full-spiral.

(Tosea Lighting is a professional commercial engineering enterprise which was established in Foshan city, the electron industry base of Guangdong province in 2004. We supply various of lighting fixtures and empolder many new design, advanced assembly & process procedure. 
The products we providing include several series which are for decorative and industrial markets, such as Cabinet Light, Halogen Downlight, Energy Saving Downlight, Metal Halide Downlight, Multiple light, Spot light & Track etc)

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